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Somerville State Of Mind 

Posted 08/19/16

Hey Friends!

     I went to see Billy Joel last night at Fenway with my son Sawyer.  It was a meeting of two worlds in many way.  To hear Joel with that thick New York accent brought me right back to my youth growing up on the south shore of Long Island.  I felt a lot of home town pride.  But to hear him refer to Fenway as a "stadium" quickly filled me with the same level of Boston pride.  It's a fahkin' Paaaahk dude!  Fenway PAHK!!!  I've spent half my life in Boston now.  This is home.

     Also, in the meeting of two worlds watching my son enjoy these timeless songs filled me with a whole different kind of pride, the best kind.  It was a great time.  Tomorrow night I get to relive that in an amazing way!

     Tomorrow night I'll be doing a solo show at The Burren Backroom Series.  My young son Sawyer will be opening the show!  Last February he opened the show for me with 4 cover tunes of his favorite artists (including Chris Trapper!)  This time around he's added his first original compositions.  He's crushing it!!!

     I'll be going through my repertoire new and old switching from guitar to guitar and of course the ol' 1966 Fender Jazz Bass.  Plenty of new stuff on the table, but I'm sure I'll reach back for some old subway classics.

     The show is nice and early.  7 pm to 9 pm.  6 pm doors as well, so come on by early for dinner!  We'd love to see you!  Thank you for your wonderful support over the years!

Tom Bianchi
Sawyer Lawson Opens
Live at The Burren

Saturday 8/20 - 7 pm 
(all ages - Doors @ 6 pm)
247 Elm St - Davis Square
Somerville, MA  02144
(Be sure to use the discount code, 24HOUR for the best deal!)

See ya there!


My good friends, announcing the brand new Burren Backroom Weekend Concert Series!!! 

Posted 6/11/15
For almost 20 years Tommy McCarthy and Louise Costello have been dedicated to providing wonderful stages for top notch musicians to perform and thrive.  Whether it be the brilliant front room irish, folk and americana sessions, world class headline traditional and main stream acts on the back room stage as well as plenty of community nights for local talent to grow, The Burren has provided the stages for the arts to thrive.

Now it is my pleasure and honor to announce this brand new evening music series in the back room!  

Our evening time dinner show doors will open nice and early at 5:30 pm so you can come by and enjoy the Burren's traditional irish fare, ever expanding vegetarian menu and of course the best proper pint of Guinness in town.  

All shows will start at 7 pm and will wrap up at about 9 pm, a perfect format for kicking off your Thursday, Friday or Saturday night with dinner and a show.  We will be booking your favorite national acts that you may never get to see in such an intimate environment otherwise, and we'll also be booking the best local talent as well as developing our community talent with opening acts and other such opportunities.

For more that 10 years I've had the pleasure of hosting and developing talent Sunday nights on The Burren's back room stage.  To take this series to the next level is an amazing opportunity and I'm most excited!  Please do support live music by coming down and taking in a show this summer!

Glory Junkies CD Release show! 

Posted 05.07.15

Part of keeping the full time 24 HouR reputation has brought me into the worlds of performing, hosting, bass playing and most recently, producer/engineer.  I've been lucky enough to work with some wonderful folks and make some great records recently!

This past winter my amazing wife, Danielle Miraglia and I hunkered down through the 1/2 dozen New England snow storms and churned out her latest full length CD, "Glory Junkies."  Now, it's time to celebrate its release!!!
Tomorrow night We're headed down to the Davis Square Theater in Somerville (Right next to The Burren) to put on a full band CD RELEASE SHOW!

The full band is Laurence Scudder (viola,) Erik White (guitar,) Kristin Santangelo and Caitlyn O'Brien (backing vocal team,) Chris Anzalone (drums,) myself… and of course Danielle Miraglia leading the crew.

Doors are 8:30, show starts at 9 pm.  The band is rehearsed and ready… the CD sounds amazing (placed #21 on the folk/dj charts in its first week) and we're psyched to play!
Tickets will be on sale until 3 pm Friday!!!  After that if it's not sold out they will be available at the door.
Get Tickets NOW!

We really hope to see you There!  Thank you for supporting local music! 


Hunkered down and gettin' it done 

Posted 2.14.15

     Hey friends!  It's Valentine's Day and my wife and I are snowed in.  What to do?  Well… nothing is more romantic for my wife than when I sit in front of a computer and put the final touches on her brand new record, "Glory Junkies!"  Yup!  I've finished producing Danielle Miraglia's new record and it's off to the mastering engineer on Tuesday!  You can help put the finishing touches on the record as well by pre-ordering it!  Just go to  and reserve your copy!!!

Now it's time to find a little space to work on the new Baker Thomas Band record!!!  Can't wait!

In the mean time, I wanted to shoot out a very huge thank you to all of the local people who continue to support live local music, even though this epic and record breaking weather.   This season has been a ridiculous test of stature and stamina, and our local music scene is passing with flying colors.  Crowds have been great and spirits have been hi!  (get it… HI!  Instead of high… cuz you've been there!  HI!)

Cheers!  And here's to all who keep on keepin' on!!!

Much Love!


Keepin' the underground poppin'... every day, every week, all year. 

Posted 12/18/14

Last week was a real nice pat on the back.  From the good folks at Red Line Roots I received some really nice accolades!  Favorite Local Bassist, Favorite Residency (Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge, Favorite Rock 'n Rollers (Baker Thomas Band) and The Unsung Hero Award (I guess I've been sung!)  Thank you Red Line Roots!
A few awards to put on my virtual shelf is a nice way to finish out a year of hard work, but really these awards are all for us and our community (except maybe that bassist one… my ego is having a dance party for that one right now… a very bass driven dance party.)

All of these accolades involve gigs that are community based.  The Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge has hosted literally over 5,000 names over the last 8 years, (probably closer to 10,000) I'd imagine the "Unsung Hero Award comes forwarding talent along to the talent buyer at Toad and Lizard and booking Sunday evening acoustic music in the back room of the Burren as well as taking care of many session residencies in the front room there as well... and...

Last but not least, if there is such a thing as a community band, Baker Thomas Band has got to be pretty damn close to it.  For 5 years and running we've taken an 11 piece ensemble every week to the stage at Toad as well as hosted dozens of special guests over the years.

So… how to celebrate?  Right back to work baby!  

Tonight at  Toad is our last show of the year!!!  We have a kickin' full band and we're ready to rock it!!!

Thank you for an amazing year!

ToM BianchI
Host Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge
Host Burren Acoustic Music Sunday Series
Baker Thomas Band
All around nice guy!!!


I'm currently about half way through tracking Danielle Miraglia's next album, Glory Junkies.  So far our special guests include Pat McCann, Nephrok, Jen Kearney, Laurence Scudder and Eddie Shear on drums.  You can hear teasers by pre-ordering her CD at
I'm also sitting on basic tracks for the next Baker Thomas Band.  The foundation has been laid!  2015 will be a year of releases from the humble 24 HouR StudiO!!!
Burren Acoustic Music 
Sunday Series

I just updated the Burren calendar into February of the new year.  Performers include Mary Lou Lord, Olivia Brownle, Katrin, The Surviving Kenneally's, Box Of Birds, Noah Lubin and plenty more of our town's tried and true talent as well as new faces.

Easy like Sunday evening! 

Posted 11.30.14

Hey Friends!!!

Every Sunday I host the Burren's Acoustic Music series in Davis Square…. more than 12 years now!  (…and yes, I do feel old sometimes!)

Tonight is a "Lizardy" kind of show.  I've long been grabbing talent from my humble Monday night to hit the Burren's big stage.  It's a killer room, killer sound system and great crew of friends and fans.  Tonight's Burren show represents a very full spectrum of Lizard Loungers.

Kicking off our show at 8 pm will be Hailey Magee, Steve Nardone and Max Bailey "in the round," going song for song, sharing stories and perhaps even jamming with each other on a song or two.  These three represent fiery new young talent that I've come across over the last year at Lizard Lounge!

After that at about 9:30 or so the JSM Trio will perform featuring Jared Salvatore, Shannon Corey and Jon Marco.  These three proven performers are the veterans of my humble Monday show.  They've won the contest multiple times, they've had CD release shows all around town, they are full time musicians and they've put on some amazing Burren shows in the past as well.

This will be a good one for any and all Lizard Lounge rock stars to check out!  The rookies and the vets, all in one room!  One night only… TONIGHT!
The Burren Tonight!  -  8 pm start
247 Elm St  -  Davis Square
Somerville, MA

See you there!  Thanks!


The Big Reds!!! 

Posted 11/15/14

Redline Roots has posted their "Big Reds" for 2014 and they were nice enough to give me a pretty great representation!

Baker Thomas Band has been nominated for "Favorite Local Rock n' Rollers" and "Favorite Residency."  Wooooot!
Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge was also nominated for "Favorite Residency" as well!!!
Tom Bianchi (ya know… me!) was nominated for "Favorite Local Bassist," "Best Supporting Role," and "Unsung Hero,"  

Wow!  6 nods from the Redline Roots folks!  That's pretty bad ass.   Thanks y'all!

What Redline Roots is doing is something quite large for the local music community.  They're not only reaching out, but digging in deep with their ears to the ground to see who's doing what around town, then spreading the word.  It's an unmeasurable service.

It's nice to get a bunch of nods but with all sincerity I'm not asking you to vote for me.  But… if you care about your local music I am asking you to vote.  Vote your favorites, vote your friends, vote what you like to hear… just vote.  Driving these numbers up would mean a lot for the cause.

The acts on this year's list are phenomenal.  Check'm out!  VOTE!!!!



Hey friends!

It's been a busy week.  I rehearsed with Ryan Fitzsimmons, I've been working on Danielle Miraglia's record and this past Thursday Baker Thomas Band broke in some new material… aaaaaall leading up to… say it with me...

This Thursday we'll hit Lizard Lounge for our annual Halloween show.  Tickets have sold out for this one in the past, so getting them in advance is a great idea!