The BTB is proud to announce that we've been voted 2014's, "Best Local Rockers" by...
We would like to say a huge thank you to RLR, everyone who voted, and of course all the friends and family who come to see us on Thursday nights at... 

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BTB… Best Local Rockers? Hells yeah!!! 

Posted 12.11.14

The BTB is proud to announce that we've been chosen 2014's, "Best Local Rockers" by Redline Roots!
How are we going to celebrate you ask?  By showing up and rocking TOAD tonight!!!  (Like we do every Thursday!)

Thank you Redline Roots for all you do… thank y'all who voted for us… and thank you so much for supporting us at Toad every Thursday night!!

See ya there!!!

BiG ReDs!!! And a new record on the way! 

Posted 11/15/14

Hey y'all!  Redline Roots was kind enough to give a couple of nods to Baker Thomas Band on their list of BIG RED nominees for 2014!

We've been nominated for Favorite Local Rock n' Rollers and Favorite Residency!  How cool is that?

We're in some great company on that list and what Redline Roots is doing for the music community is HUGE!!!  Please do drop by their website and vote!

In other news, Alan and Tom went into Woolly Mammoth Studios in Waltham with Dave Westner to record basics for the next Baker Thomas Band record!  Tom says he specifically wanted to do bass and drums at WM because Dave is a bassist and drummer himself.  13 tracks were recorded even though the band plans on putting out a 10 song record.  3 extra tunes?  What to do!

We hope to have the record done as early as possible in 2015.  No fund raiser will be done for recording or duplication, but we may take on such a task for promotion and publicity.  For this record the BTB has hand picked10 of its most "radio friendly" tunes… so… we want to get them on the radio!

Stay tuned and thank you for supporting the Baker Thomas Band!



Hello my gastly ghouls and goblins!  It's time for our annual Halloween show!!!

TONIGHT Baker Thomas Band will venture away from our normal weekly haunt and venture down the road to Lizard Lounge for…. wait for it...
AKA Night of the Lizard 7
The sequel to the Nightmare before the Dawn Of The Dead Lizard.  The terrifying follow-up to Night Of The Zombie Lizard, which rose from the Shadows of the Spawn Of The Bride Of The Son of the Night Of The Lizard!!!!

Thursday October 30th!!!

1667 Mass Ave - Cambridge, MA
Doors @ 8:30 pm

9 pm - Danielle Miraglia & The Glory Junkies

10 pm - Ryan Fitzsimmons Band

11 pm - Baker Thomas Band

12 pm - SUPER JAM!!!

This will be the 7th year that we host an annual Halloween time of year show.  Costumes have been outrageous and this show is always a party and a celebration.

Please do join the fun!  I'll be playing bass for all three acts this year.  Workin' haaaaard!  

Dress up!  Get down!  Let's have some fun!

See ya there!



Boat Cruise Tomorrow! 

Posted Saturday July 19th

Happy Saturday folks!

Tomorrow Baker Thomas Band sets sail out of Boston Harbor and today is your last chance to get a discounted ticket!


4 Main Stage Sets, 3 acoustic stage sets, 3 bands, 7 special guests… One day only!

Here's what ya do!

Then use the discount code "Globe"

Get your ticket on the cheap!!!!



See ya sooN!

MucH LovE from...

!!!BaKeR ThoMaS BanD!!!


Baker Thomas Boat Cruise 

Hey Friends!!!

We're setting sail for a 3 hour tour this summer!!!  What could go wrong?!?!?!

Mark your calendar… SUNDAY JULY 20TH 3 PM!  
Buy tickets now because they're WICKED CHEAP for just this week!!!!

info at:


Alright friends!  I really hope to get you on board this boat!  For 5 YEARS Baker Thomas Band has been playing hard for free bringing special guests up every week and entertaining the masses!!!  

We're askin' for a favor!  And for the next 5 days it's a cheap favor!  Fifteen bucks?!?!  That's nothin'!!!  

Pick up a few!  Buy'm up now… scalp them!  We could really use your support this week.  This is our first attempt at something like this and it's a big ol' boat.  An early push for tickets would be superb.  Thank you!!!

And… no one gets nothin' for nothin'….  Here's the bill!!!


our special guests include:  Danielle Miraglia, Jenee Halstead, Amy Kucharik, George Woods, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Gina Alibrio and NEPHROK!!!

We'll be singing on each others songs… learning songs together.  There will be a band stage… acoustic sets… a pre-boarding jam and a sick after party (For ticket holders only!)

I'm sinkin' all I've got into this one!  I really hope to see you on board!

!!!GET'EM NOW!!!

Right on right on!  Thank you for supporting local music!

Thursty Thursday's! 

Posted… on a Thursday!

Another new tune in tow…. ready to go!  The band is gearing up to go!

See you tonight at TOOOAD!
10 pm - No Cover
1912 Mass Ave
Cambridge, Porter Square, MA!


Toad, T-Shirts and Boats! 

Posted 4/17/14

Hey Hey Baby!

A)  We're playing Toad tonight!  10 pm (well…. by the time the 11 piece band sets up… more like 10:30.  You get the idea.  And we ARE CAMBRIDGE'S FAVORITE LASDT CALL BAND!!!

B)  We've got about 5 T-Shirts left and maybe 20 CD's left!  Order on line or get ur butt to Toad!

C)  Details aren't out yet… but…. OUR BOAT CRUISE IS CONFIRMED!!!  July 20th!  Save the date!!!!

See ya tonight!


Boat Cruise in the works!!! 

POSTED 4/11/14

Hey Hey Baby!!!  It ain't so bad when….  YOU'RE ON A BOAT!

We are currently working on locking down a Boston Boat Cruise for this summer.  The tentative date is 7/20.  Mark your calendar!

The Baker Thomas Gang will be the house band and we'll have a ton of special guests!



Baker Thomas Band Tonight! 

Posted 04.10.14

Hey Hey Baby!

Tom Here…  sending out a friendly reminder, we'll be at Toad tonight of course and we've got the full band in tow!
I penned a new tune today that we'll throw at the band and we're going to revive a great R&B original we toyed with a few years ago.  When you're playin' every week… new stuff is key!!!

As far as future news goes, we're currently working on booking a BOAT CRUISE with a ton of special guests!  More details to come!!!

Hope to see you tonight!  
TOAD  10 pm
1912 Mass Ave - Porter Sq
Cambridge, MA

See ya!




Hey Hey Hey!

A few days ago the BTB posted about needing a little love to help keep the ol' website afloat!  A fair exchange of course, you get an awesome quality band t-shirt and we get $20 for the cause!

Well… we did it!!!!  And then some!!!  We renewed and tucked a little bit away for a rainy day!

Thanks y'all!!  Hope to see you at our weekly haunt, TOAD in Cambridge tonight, or any Thursday night!  Tonight we have guest guitarist/singer Danielle Miraglia sitting in with us!  


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